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Color Interaction.

I'm a life-long student of color. I studied Color Theory at The University of Georgia, The Atlanta College of Art, and The Art Students League of New York. 

I delve into the way colors interact through a course of layering oil and allowing it to dry between applications. Paint is applied by brush, scrape, brayer or transferred from wax paper. The colors overlap but do not mix creating a mysterious iridescence. The motifs are abstract, built with strident gestural confidence, creating a sense of emotion ranging from quiet to explosive.


''Line of Gold"
Oil on Canvas
60'' X 72''


Oil on Canvas
39.5'' X 25''


Oil on Canvas
60'' X 48''



"Pink + Indigo"
Oil on Canvas
46'' X 40''



Oil on Canvas
33'' X 40.75''


"Turquoise + Red"
Oil on Canvas
41'' X 25''


Oil on Canvas
48'' X 48''


3 (2).jpg

Commission: CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD,  Midtown Atlanta Corporate Offices
3:  44'' X 56''  Oil on Canvas 

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 1.48.10 PM.png
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