Disquieted Nature.


Oil on Canvas

28'' X 22''


About Disquieted Nature.

The genesis for DISQUIETED NATURE are the landscape paintings of my earlier career. Born out of a serendipitous fusion of paintings styles, I've added an interesting disruption to my traditional landscapes. 

Sometimes I see these paintings as if the viewers’ sight was modified by a leaded glass window, or a rainstorm. But they are mostly informed by my concern for the global climate crisis. The jarring interruption of over-scraped paint cannot be dismissed, as it clearly mimics the indiscriminate scarring of nature, and careless destruction caused by human greed.

Pale Blue + Orange"

Oil on Canvas

26'' X 45''


Oil on Canvas

27'' X 46.75''


Oil on Canvas

48'' X 64''


Ink+Graphite on Paper

25'' X 33''

"Salt Marsh"

Oil on Paper

18'' X 24''


Oil on Paper

18'' X 24''


Oil on Canvas

24.5'' X 29.5''

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