About Geometry.

Born out of my COLOR INTERACTION series, GEOMETRY corrals color with an angularity that has a fashionable and modern vibe.

I utilize color blocking, geometric lines and shapes, abstract forms, and vigorous gestural marks to create bold statements.


The visual and psychological appeal stems from a refined design sensibility and understanding of color theory, married with an ingenuity of application techniques.


I appreciate the emotional response to color and the many personal factors, experiences and cultural associations that heavily affect their interpretation.

"Green+Orange Square"

Oil on Canvas

33'' X 40.75''

"Pink + Indigo"

Oil on Canvas

48'' X 58.5''

"Warm Grid"

Oil on Canvas

30'' X 48''


Oil on Canvas

48'' X 64''

"Pale Blue+Orange"

Oil on Canvas

26'' X 45''


Oil on Canvas

12'' X 24''

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