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Stockton uses her rhythmic script and architectural block handwriting to produce her “type" paintings. These stem from her life long interest in graphics, mark making, and typography which she studied in college. Spontaneous and vigorous application of the oil creates a dynamic result. The text is layered to intentionally prevent the viewer from reading the prose.


The process of exploring nuances of color, and their interaction with other colors, inspires Stockton. Adding and subtracting layers of paint, and allowing them to dry between applications, is an important part of her method. This allows the colors to sit on top of each other but not mix, creating an iridescence that gives her paintings their emotional power.


Stockton’s work is rooted in childhood trips to the Georgia coast, where her father would set up his easel along isolated areas of the beach and marsh. As a young girl, she was both awed and frightened by the wide-open spaces, horizon line, shifting light, water and absence of man-made objects. Still today, she is stirred by the feeling of being humbled by the vastness of nature.


Cushman Wakefield commissioned Stockton to create three abstract paintings and one landscape for their corporate headquarters in midtown, Atlanta. She actually produced six abstracts so that Cushman could “cherry pick’’ three paintings for their newly designed space.