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When I began my fine art career, I didn’t think about what I might like to paint, I just started painting landscapes. My work has its roots in childhood trips to the Georgia coast where my father would set up his own easel along the deserted, windswept marshland.  The wide open spaces and the sight of the horizon line, neither of which I had seen before —both awed and frightened me. I rarely glimpsed that dividing line between earth and heaven in Atlanta.

My process is reductive.  Compositions are built adding and subtracting layers of oil. This process enables the colors to sit on top of each other, but not mix—creating iridescence, depth, emotional power and mysteriousness. 

The one constant in my landscape paintings is the absence of man-made objects. My intention is to transport the viewer to their perceived location and the emotion that they associate with that place.



Midtown Atlanta Corporate Offices

Oil on Canvas 

60'' X 98'' 

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