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I'm influenced by the power of color, the beauty of nature, and the simplicity of minimalism and, by my love of literalism, typography, graphic images, and mark making. The varied styles of my paintings evoke a range of emotions from quiet to explosive.

Depth is critical to my art. I use a variety of brushes to layer the oil, allowing the paint to dry between applications. This gives the colors a beautiful iridescent quality as the colors overlap as opposed to being mixed. This process also gives the canvas weight and texture. Even if the layers are completely covered, or almost undetectable, they provide a mysteriousness that keeps the viewer fascinated and involved. I follow a course of simplifying and complicating until the painting starts to emerge and show a hint of what it wants to be. “I'm not so much a make-it-happen artist as a let-it-happen one.’’

“Art is the reason I get up in the morning, and why

I  have trouble falling asleep at night’’ 


My more complicated paintings speak to my interest in action painting, graphics, and  gesture. These paintings are emotionally charged with color and animation. I work in an intuitive manner building the painting with convoluted pigments, rigorous brush strokes and random marks. Sometimes the paint is scraped onto the canvas with cardboard. I also use a variety of brushes, brayers, pencils, crayons, as well as some home-made tools.

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