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Marrying my interest in Minimalism, and Literalism, NARRATIVE uses hand-painted words to create a form in an expanded field of imagery. The oil is applied in my handwriting, or stenciled. Variance of stroke, pressure, speed, material, surface, color and size collide to arrive at a unitary character. This reflects my own confessional and personal interpretation of the words. There is no hierarchy or focal point, just repetition and rhythm.  The physicality of each jumble alludes to the emotion and the energy that the literal readings convey. The overlapping words may beg deciphering, but cryptography is not the goal.  Just as notes appear to dance on the staff line, the words make a statement beyond their literal meaning.  The kinetic energy of the handwritten word, taking a corporeal shape and status, conjures a new interpretation.


As my Narrative series of work evolved, a variation of paintings that are starkly readable emerged. Instead of purposefully illegible words, the prose takes a bold stance addressing the human condition, and social issues. The viewer is almost forced to read the words, as they are so pronounced within these paintings.

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